Staff Competencies: How to Quantify the Competency of Your Staff

SPM’s Staff Competencies feature is designed to further support and discipline the quality systems you already have in place. Such systems are essential in order to prevent adverse patient events and non-manufacturer related product failures. While there is a great deal that goes into a Quality System – Guided Workflows, access to IFUs, Documentation Tools – it is critically dependent on qualified technicians capable of doing the required work in a conforming way. To accomplish this, we have developed tools to ensure that technicians are trained and capable on all aspects of the entire range of work they perform.


Using this feature managers can define types of work, establish competencies levels required and monitor technicians’ quality of work. Competency levels can dictate a brief review of work instructions in advance, active supervision of the work as it occurs, or supervisory sign-off of the finished work. It can allow the more experienced technicians to perform the work as they have many times before just as it can prevent the greenest employee from doing the work on their own.

Whatever structure is established, SPM will enforce these policies and when a periodic assessment is required, a customizable competency checklist appears on-screen for supervisory review. Ultimately the tool ensures no staff is asked to do work they are not ready to do, that people doing work have demonstrated their competencies for it, and that expectations of high-quality outcomes are always justified.

If you would like more information on SPM’s Staff Competencies feature, we invite you to contact us for a live demo. For our current customers only, if you would like step by step instructions on how you can implement Staff Competencies within your own SPM environment click here