Recalls – Identify, Alert, Resolve, and Document with SPM

Recalls can happen for many reasons, whether it be human error or equipment failure. The key to responding is to ensure you have policies in place to address the recall and that your team has the tools to notify them, take appropriate action, and accurately document the recall process. SPM can help you to:

  • Identify a load with a failed BI test and the cause of failure.
  • Alert management automatically of a possible recall situation.
  • Recall all affected trays, notify any user who scan a tray of the recall, and document that trays were properly sterilized again properly.
  • Report on recall situations for internal quality control or audits.

Here are some tools SPM provides to help guide you through the recall process:

  1. Receive an email or text message alert about a failed BI test with user subscription event messages, or view significant load events (failed BI tests, load failures, and failed steps in the sterilizer and washer load workflows) in the last 24 hours using a an SPM Dashboard with the Load Events operational component.
  2. In the Load History feature, identify the load with a failed BI test and initiate a recall on that load and, optionally, any other loads in that sterilizer since the last negative BI.  SPM flags products in these loads with a “recalled” status. When a user scans a product with a recalled status to a patient location or to a case cart, SPM alerts the user that the product has been recalled and should be returned to the SPD for reprocessing, and cancels the scan to the patient location. After a recalled product is brought back to the SPD and scanned to a sterilizer load, the product’s recalled status is cleared. Initiating a recall allows users to view and document additional recall information for each recalled tray, such as potential patient contact and follow-up actions taken to address this.
  3. Investigate the root cause of the failed BI test by viewing the history of the affected sterilizer with SPM reports.
  4. Use the Recall Information By Sterilizer Load report to review the details of a recall event. Use this report to verify that your policies for notification, recall, and follow-up were followed properly, or to respond to future audit challenges about how your department handles recalls.

If you would like more information on the SPM application we invite you to view our demo or contact us for a live demo. For our current customers only, to learn the step-by-step process for initiating and documenting a recall in own SPM environment, click here (Word document download).