OR Manager Conference 2019 – Booth #346

SPM® (formerly Microsystems) welcomes you to join us at OR Manager 2019 in New Orleans at booth #346. You’ll have an opportunity to see and explore the latest features available with our application at our hands-on interactive booth and meet with our staff to discuss how SPM® brings reliability to your surgical instrument tracking and sterilization process. That means the right equipment in the right condition at the right time, every time.

SPM® is a networked software application which provides the essential tools for managing assets, supporting staff, disciplining processes and delivering the high-quality outcomes the OR requires. Not only does we work with client hospitals to develop a customized implementation project plan with personalized on-site staff training, we are the only SPD software firm to take full ownership of the entire database build.

Click here for more information. We look forward to seeing you there!