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Sterile Processing Microsystem – SPM®


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SPM® remains the leading sterile processing information system in healthcare today. It is designed to allow the Sterile Processing Manager to more effectively manage their department, specifically in the areas of asset management, employee training, productivity and accountability, sterilization and quality assurance, compliance and overall departmental resource management.

The application runs a SQL back-end on a network of computers located at various locations within the facility.  The capabilities and value of SPM® can be realized in many aspects of the sterile processing function and in many situations involving end-users.

Instant Access to Instrument and Set Locations

Users have immediate access to status and location information on any instrument set at any given time. Thus, when a set is needed immediately in Surgery, precious OR time is no longer wasted as SP and OR staff search for needed items. SPM® will automatically show where the set is located based on when and where it was last scanned. When a specific type of instrument is needed, the sets containing that type of instrument can be located to secure the instrument of interest. Additionally, locating sets helps reduce the loss of these items and ensures that they stay in circulation.

Instrument and Count Sheet Management

Count Sheets are easy to maintain and globally updated in SPM®. The simplicity of keeping count sheets current provides the means for consistently meeting the needs of end-users.

Track Instrument Repairs and Replacements

Moving repair and refurbishment schedules to a usage-based, instead of time-based, program ensures that dollars are spent when and where they are needed and not left to the discretion of the repair vendor.

Automate Sterilizer Load Record-keeping

The bar code for each instrument set or individual peel package item is scanned prior to sterilization. Before SPM® allows the load to be closed, all sets and peel packages are automatically checked for special sterilization requirements. SPM® alerts the technician of any special sterilization requirements such as a Biological Indicator or special sterilization parameters, and will alert the technician of an incompatibility between the items in the load and the sterilizer cycle being run.

An electronic copy of the sterilizer load record is kept in SPM® and can be referenced or printed at a later date, if needed. There are also interface opportunities between SPM® and many makes of washers and sterilizers for those requiring completely paperless systems.

View Pictures of Instruments and Sets

SPM® contains images of instruments from various manufacturers. If an image is not available, using a digital camera, pictures of individual instruments and instrument sets can be added to SPM®. This feature allows employees to improve the accuracy of their work by viewing pictures of unfamiliar items during the assembly process.

Monitor Employee Productivity

SPM® offers both pre-programmed and customized reports that are used to measure the productivity of an entire department or individual employee. Since each activity performed by an employee is scanned, recorded and compared to a pre-determined labor standard, managers can provide employees with objective data during annual performance reviews, reward outstanding performance, and make suggestions for improving productivity in specific areas if needed.

Individual Instrument Management

Microsystems’ Individual Instrument Tracking Module (ITM™) is designed for flexibility and value around a host of deployment scenarios. Many clients mark items designated as peel packs as a means of managing inventory par levels. Other clients wish to manage high dollar assets that do not follow traditional processing sequences within the department (flexible scopes). Still others have found value in the ability to build trays from scans to ensure accuracy, completeness, and to facilitate new employee training.

Regardless of the deployment scenario, ITM™ provides the capability for management, and full traceability of individual items much the same way it does for instrument sets.

Surgery Scheduling Interfaces / Integration

SPM® offers HL-7 and flat file one-way (both “to” and “from” SPM®) or bidirectional interface capabilities with all of the major surgery scheduling applications.