RST Automation and Microsystems Announce the Launch of Assisted Instrument Management (AIM™) Interface for SPM® Software




RST Automation and Microsystems Announce the Launch of Assisted Instrument Management (AIM™) Interface for SPM® Software:

Interface Delivers Enhanced Quality, Connectivity & Efficiency for Sterile Processing


BRONX, NY and MEQUON, WI —  February 6, 2018 —  RST Automation and Microsystems today announced the launch of the RST™ AIM™ Interface for SPM® Software, designed to provide connectivity between Microsystems’ SPM® Sterile Processing Information System and the RST Automation’s  AIM™  (Assisted Instrument Management System).  This connectivity provides hospitals with improved instrument tray assembly quality and efficiency, as well as greater accuracy for data collection, documentation and reporting capabilities.


AIM is a breakthrough product which uses vision technology to automatically verify and arrange surgical instrument sets during the set assembly process.  AIM provides for a standardized process which results in improved quality and productivity.  Incidences of missing instruments are eliminated, technicians perform more thorough inspections, and trays are produced faster.  AIM is also a valuable tool for the training and education of new technicians and can make them more productive in a relatively short amount of time. To see AIM in action click here.


Through this offering, Microsystems provides a new module to its existing software application that includes automated communication between AIM and SPM.  With this interface, AIM will be able to automatically retrieve count sheet information from SPM and send instrument verification data to SPM.  Tray counts and assembly time data will be more accurate because AIM automatically generates this data without relying on technicians to manually start and stop the process.  AIM also eliminates the need for technicians to check instruments off on the screen.  Sterile processing clients will enjoy improved process quality and streamlined tray assembly processes through the integration of AIM with SPM.


“We are ecstatic to have an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the Sterile Processing Department (SPD) by offering automatic communications between AIM and SPM,” said RST Automation’s President, Larry Zelner.  “As demand for improved quality and efficiency of instrument tray assembly continues to grow, the automation of error prone manual processes will help the SPD improve user satisfaction.”


Microsystems echoes this praise and support of the new connectivity features:The RST solution represents a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage the reference information and tools of our on-screen Set Assembly process with the exceptional vision system and automation capabilities of AIM.  This allows our customers to not only build accurate and complete sets at an enhanced rate but will provide unique life-cycle management tools for the hospital’s entire surgical instrument inventory, said Clay Cannady, Microsystems’ head of Sales, Marketing and Business Development.    “The integration of our company’s proven, data-driven solutions arms SPD professionals with the essential information they need when managing this critical support arm of the Surgical Department.”.


The AIM Interface for SPM Software is now available.  RST Automation and Microsystems are collaborating on the sales and marketing of this new offering.  As such, customers can learn more about this product from their RST Automation or Microsystems sales representative.


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